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Experience Matters

I have been licensed to practice law in Texas since the year 2003. I am in good standing with the State Bar of Texas. My legal career and legal experience have equipped me with the tools necessary to lead and exercise sound judgment. However, my experiences in life have taught me that the ultimate qualities that one can find in a leader are those of competence and humility.  Throughout my career I have participated in numerous trials and evidentiary hearings in the areas of criminal law, family law, civil litigation and child protective services litigation. I am humbly ready to serve the citizens of Fort Bend County.

Integrity Matters

In courts around the nation, litigants are in search of truth and justice. Upon entering a court setting, they have the expectation that Judges will lead with integrity, preside over their matters fairly, and that they will be able to be heard. Litigants also wish to be treated with respect and have their constitutional and procedural rights respected and protected. "I maintain that litigants will be heard; they will be treated with dignity; proceedings will be fair and impartial; I will follow the law, and I will lead with integrity."

Justice Matters

I am proud to support and push for change within the justice system, including special programs created for juveniles, victims of human trafficking and those that suffer from mental illness and addiction.  Although many of these programs are already being implemented in the court system in Fort Bend County, we need to continue to protect and improve upon them. There is no "one size fits all" justice. Thus, there is a need for specialty courts, specialty programs and a judicial system that recognizes special circumstances.


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